10 Years Hundesalon Spa-dog Cham


Hundesalon Spa-dog Cham, your place for professional dog care.

Ilona Eicher, The owner of Hundesalon Spa-dog, has 10 years of professional experience with a lot of knowledge of all dog breeds.

She personally cares for your dog with a lot of love, professionalism and patience.

Here is your dog in the right hands.


Call us for more information: +41 79 782 03 21


Hundesalon Spa-dog Team

Ilona and Fränzi Eicher




10 Years Hundesalon Spa-dog Cham


This July, the 10th Anniversary of The Spa-dog salon was celebrated.

Ilona Eicher has been working in her own dog salon in Cham for over 10 years.

She has 10 years of professional experience in this unique profession.

She bring a huge wealth of experience and knowledge about every dog breed.

Hundesalon Spa-dog is the adress for professional dog care.

Your Dog will be treated personally by Ilona Eicher with a lot of Love, patience and professionalism. 


Thank you for more years at the Hundesalon Spa-dog.


Hundesalon Spa-dog Team

Ilona Eicher

Hundesalon Spa-Dog GmbH


Ilona Eicher
Langackerstrasse 37

CH- 6330 Cham

+41 79 782 03 21