Spa-Dog = Healthy dog

Spa-Dog is an oasis to make your dog or cat feel well.


Our primary focus is on professional animal care, wich is a unique expirience.


All our services start off with a personal interview. It is then uo to you to decide how your pet should look like in the end or what additional services you would like benefit from.


Examples are fur and skin analyse or our exclusive Spa pet care products, wich are essential for a complete Spa-Dog experience.


We offer  professional and free assistance to choose the right care product for your pet.


For all thoses, who wanrt to do even more for your best friend we are proud to offer you the following:

Schuessler salts or Bach flowers therapy, a massage to calm down your pet or doggy day care.


More information about our services and exclusive products can be found on this website.


Or make it simple - call us or write an email.


We look for forward to welcoming you soon.

Hundesalon Spa-Dog

Ilona Eicher
Langackerstrasse 37

CH- 6330 Cham

+41 79 782 03 21